Aerial view of Toledo

Unusual places to visit in Toledo


Discover the “City of the Three Cultures” in a different way. Craft products, culture, art, magic, curious quirks, places that are little known...Toledo has so many interesting and unusual things to offer that will allow you to see the city in a completely new light. The “City of Three Cultures” is waiting to surprise you again with this short list of unusual places that are well worth a visit. Have you got that camera ready?

  • Archaeological remains of the Tenerías Baths, Toldeo

    Subterranean route

    It would be hard to find another city with such a well-preserved historical and cultural legacy as Toledo. You cannot imagine the treasures hidden beneath its streets, above all in the old quarter. Walking along the subterranean route underneath the city, you’ll find hidden dungeons, thermal springs, basements and Arab baths. 

  • The Ecological Path along the River Tajo

    The Ecological Path

    Enjoying the natural world surrounding the city with the most iconic monuments as a backdrop is possible, thanks to Toledo’s Ecological Path. This is an easy route that runs for five kilometres, following the course of the River Tajo, and it offers some incredible views. There are no vehicles allowed and it’s very well signposted, which makes it ideal for doing with small children. It starts out from the San Martín Bridge, and ends at the Alcántara Bridge, although you could of course decide to do it the other way round. 

  • Roman Circus

    Circo Romano de Toledo, well away from the usual tourist itineraries, is one of the city’s great unknowns, despite being one of the most important historical monuments of Roman Toletum. Dating from the first century, it is situated in the north of the city, in Avenida Carlos III, and in its time it was 422 metres long by 112 metres wide, and had a capacity for between 15,000 and 30,000 spectators.

  • Armour made in Toledo

    Real Fábrica de Armas

    Toledo also has a rich industrial history, in part thanks to the Real Fábrica de Armas (Royal Weapons Factory) which was built in 1761 and was in operation for over 200 years. Today it’s part of the University of Castilla la Mancha, although it is possible to visit to admire the chapel, the library, and its halls and workshops. 

  • Street in Toledo at night

    Callejón del Diablo and Callejón del Infierno

    Sorcerers, necromancers, and witches have all found in Toledo a place to meet with Satan... Or at least this is what legends about the city say. Among the devil’s favourite spots the Callejón del Diablo (Devil’s Alley) and the Callejón del Infierno (Hell’s Alley) stand out.

  • Covered alleyways

    In the Middle Ages there were dozens of these, although today only a few remain. Would you be able to find the magical covered alleyways of Toledo? Places where it was forbidden to venture into in the past, not least because they were a refuge for all sorts of crooks, these old constructions link two buildings that are part of the same property at height. Some of the best known, because of the stories and legends connected with them are: Santo Domingo el Real,belonging to the Convent of Santa Clara; San Pedro Mártir, which today provides access to the university, and Pozo Amargo, located in one of the city’s most mysterious areas.

  • Craft shop in Toledo

    Craft workshops

    Skills handed down from one generation to the next will be revealed in the Toledo’s swordsmiths’ and damascene workshops where you can try your hand at some of the crafts yourself. Get to know the latest in the long line of master craftsmen, visit a real blacksmith’s forge, and learn to do damascene work. You can take your own creation home with you! If you want to discover more of the surprises that Toledo has in store for the visitor, try some of the many themed activities, such as a night tour to discover the city’s most mysterious side, a visit in search of the mummies of Toledo, or a tour to discover its wines. At the city’s tourist offices you’ll be able to find information about more unusual places.