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Motorcycle tourism: Route of the Three Valleys in La Rioja

La Rioja

By car, bus, train... You can cover Spain from point to point however you want. But have you ever thought of touring some of the loveliest natural beauty spots in the north of mainland Spain by motorbike? This is what the Route of the Three Valleys is all about; it runs along the banks of the rivers Leza, Iregua and Nejerilla (in La Rioja). Bring out your inner biker on the 1,313 bends that will lead you through incredible landscapes, chapels hidden in the heart of nature, natural viewing points, vineyards, and more. We’ll tell you what you're going to find there. 

  • What exactly does this route consist of?

    At almost 200 kilometres (188.81km to be exact), the Route of the Three Valleys goes through 29 towns and villages, and landscapes filled with the most incredible native plant and animal life. Riding a bike allows you to stop off at the points that interest you most, take the photos you want when you want, enjoy the breeze of northern Spain, and touch base with nature in a truly original way. Places that you’ll love to stop at. Ports such as La Rasa or Montenegro. Country chapels in natural settings, like the one at Lomos de Orio in Villoslada de Cameros. Heritage sites such as Valvanera Monastery set on the sunny side of Mount Mori (the golden mountain). And natural beauty spots like the Sierra Cebollera mountains, the caves at Ortigosa de Cameros, the sinkholes of Zenzano, the Tobía beech forest, or the natural viewing point at Cañón de Río Leza.On your journey you will breathe pure air and tranquillity, with the forest, mountains, and the squawking of rooks enveloping you.  

  • View of the Matute and Tobía peaks in the Najerilla Valley, La Rioja

    What are the different parts of the route?

    Firstly, the stretch from the Najerilla valley is 77.3 km long and takes in pretty villages such as Alesón, Tricio and Anguiano. The Iregua valley is the second part of the route. With almost 400 bends and a length of 72 kilometres, it passes through towns like Entrena, Medrano and Sotes. Finally, the Route of the Three Valleys finishes in the Leza valley with unique towns and villages like Terroba, Lardero and Jalón de Cameros. Nearly 53 kilometres where you can fall in love with one of the greenest areas of Spain. 

  • Detail of the Enciso Dinosaur Trail in La Rioja

    What are you going to find there?

    Safety on this route is guaranteed as it has specific signs to make travelling easier for motorbike enthusiasts. In fact, there are environmentally respectful signs, roadside barriers and signs indicating bends ahead.You will encounter a diverse range of terrain: mountain ranges, valleys, canyons, waterfalls, forests, farmland, etc.You can explore the Leza-Jubera Dinosaur Route with fossilised dinosaur footprints, or admire views of vineyards, which are particularly breathtaking in their harmonious autumn ochres and reds. A special mention should also be made of the Camino de Santiago which passes through these valleys, so you could even say on your return back home that you “did a stretch” of the Camino!

  • Enotourism visit to a guardaviñas in Badarán, La Rioja

    What else can you do?

    Some of the best wines in the world are produced in La Rioja and there is a whole ancestral culture surrounding wine-growing. Why not visit one of the area’s famous wineries where you can enjoy a wine tasting or pairing session and even attend a dramatised tour.One of the greatest pleasures about travelling by motorbike is taking off your helmet and stopping at a good restaurant in the company of your biker friends. The cuisine of La Rioja is incredibly tasty. Rioja-style potatoes, beans with chorizo or with quail, and Rioja-style cod are just some of the most traditional local specialities that are bound to delight your taste buds. You will find a variety of restaurants at the foot of the mountains for enjoying a unique landscape while you eat. You can also find the famous pinchos (tapas on bread) in the tapas bars along Calle Laurel (in the city of Logroño) as well as unique Michelin-starred restaurants such as El Portal de Echaurren in Ezcaray and the Venta Moncalvillo in Daroca de Rioja. Finally, before returning to your normal routine, La Rioja has another treat in store for you. To disconnect body and mind and totally de-stress, you can relax at one of the region’s natural thermal spas. The hot spring route in this part of Spain boasts spaces such as the village of Arnedillo, where you can find hot springs, a spa and natural outdoor pools where the temperature of the water ranges between 38º and 48º. Can you hear engines revving? Download a brochure on the route here

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