Tourist fishing in the Gállego river in Huesca, Aragon

Enjoy fishing and nature in Aragon


The diversity of its natural spaces means that Aragon is a popular fishing destination. You can enjoy wild waters in the mountain areas or, alternatively, a relaxed day of fishing in the Yesa reservoir or the La Tranquera reservoir in Nuévalos. With the mild temperatures of the Mediterranean climate, you can find certain species in any season, while always trying to respect their conservation and minimise your environmental impact. In Aragon, you can find social catch-and-release fishing preserves, places where the fish must be returned immediately to the water to try to cause the least possible damage. Would you like to know some natural scenarios for fishing in Aragon?

  • Tourist fishing in the Gállego river in Huesca, Aragon


    In the north of Huesca, the Aragón-Subordán, Cinca, Gállego, Segre and Ésera rivers are of particular notice, as they pass through beautiful valleys such as the BenasqueAmong the rugged mountains of the Aragonese Pyrenees, you find lakes and glacial lakes. Together with the quality and charm of its virgin rivers, they become a dream environment for anyone who loves fishing. If you like the idea, the Ara river houses social preserves surrounded by attractive landscapes.This river is considered the last wild river in the Pyrenees and, when it joins the Arazas river, it runs through the Ordesa valley, part of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, declared a World Heritage Site. This is the birthplace of the Cinca river, along which you can discover several social preserves and the incredible Cinca waterfalls.Also in the Pyrenean area of Huesca, the Aragón-Subordán river runs through the impressive natural surroundings of the Hecho Valley. If you visit its basin, you will be able to see dolmens, menhir and other megalithic monuments. It also crosses landscapes of undeniable beauty such as the Boca del Infierno gorge and the Selva de Oza. In this valley and in Ansó, you can enjoy its social preserves.

  • View of the Santolea reservoir in Teruel, Aragon


    In the south of Teruel, you can discover ideal enclaves for fishing in the Guadalaviar, Guadalope, Mijares, Huerva and Jiloca rivers. If you want to combine your fishing day with cultural activities among nature, Albarracín must be our your to-visit list. From the main square of this medieval city, declared a monument ensemble, you can enjoy views of the Guadalaviar river, divided into five social fishing reserves. The Guadalope river runs through another picturesque city with medieval passageways, Alcañiz. The beauty of its old town embraces the Castle of the Calatravos and the Plaza de España with historic buildings like the fish market. Around Alcañiz, you can walk through charming natural landscapes such as La Estanca, a lagoon where you can go sailing, canoeing and fishing.

  • Zaragoza

    The waters of the province of Zaragoza are usually inhabited by predatory species. The Ebro river stands out as it passes through Aragon and the Ribarroja and Mequinenza reservoirs. Mequinenza is also known as the Sea of Aragon, and it is the largest reservoir in the region. In general, the area is made up of tributaries of the largest river in the country and inland seas ideal for fishing.

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