Horses at the Anayet ibón, between Canfranc and Formigal, Huesca

Some of the most beautiful ibones in the Aragonese Pyrenees


In the Aragonese Pyrenees you’ll find wonderful landscapes full of ibones, small, glacial lakes high up in the mountains among green meadows and tall summits. Come and discover them!

  • Views of the Archerito ibón, the most westerly of the Pyrenees, in Huesca

    Ibón de Archerito

    This is the most westerly ibón in the Pyrenees, a beautiful lake of blue waters surrounded by jagged outcrops of limestone in the heart of the Hecho valley. This is one of the most accessible lakes, perfect for a trip with the family or for an initiation into the world of the mountains.

  • Ibón Estanés, in Huesca, famous for its outstanding beauty

    Ibón de Estanés

    This ibón has a small dam and is one of the best known for its great beauty. Here an immense sweep of green meadow surrounds the water, creating a contrast that’s a feast for the eyes, especially with the high peaks in the background.

  • View of one of the four Ibones Azules, Huesca

    Ibones Azules

    One of the most popular routes in the Tena Valley will lead you here. A path that passes by four lovely lakes where you can enjoy wonderful scenery, punctuated by waterfalls.  

  • A group of horses grazing by the Ibones de Anayet, Huesca

    Ibones de Anayet

    Between Canfranc and Formigal you’ll find several beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains, a truly wonderful setting. The peaks are reflected in the peaceful waters below, creating an unexpectedly lovely landscape.

  • Views of the Ibón de la Escarpinosa with the Aguja de Perramó in the background, Huesca

    Ibón de la Escarpinosa

    This ibón lies under the Aguja de Perramó, one of the most popular sights in the Benasque valley. A stunning lake, with spectacular waterfalls, surrounded by dense forests of mountain pine.

These are some of the most beautiful ibónes in the Aragonese Pyrenees, although there are many more out there waiting for you to discover them. Don’t miss out!

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