Pancakes with honey

Castilla-La Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for 8 people: ½kg of wheat flour 6 eggs 1 cup of liqueur 4 soup spoons of olive oil 200g of honey salt

  • Preparation

    Put the flour on the work surface and make a hole in the centre;; add the eggs, the liqueur, salt and the amount of water required to make the mixture into a thick pulp. Put a spoonful of this mixture into a frying pan with very hot oil, spreading it out well to cover the entire bottom of the pan. When the pancake is brown on one side, turn it over and brown the other. Once it is brown on both sides, take it out, dry it with kitchen paper and cover with a fine layer of honey.

  • Presentation

    They are served cold.