Meat pie

Region of Murcia

Region of Murcia
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for 6 people: 1/2 kg of chopped boiled ham.1/2 kg of mixed beef and pork mince. 5 eggs.18 thin slices of bacon.Salt and pepper.

  • Preparation

    Beat the eggs and mix in a bowl with the minced meat and the chopped ham and add salt and pepper to taste. Line a serving dish with kitchen foil (approximately 40 cm).Place 9 slices of bacon on the foil, overlapping in order to make sure that they are touching each other.Pour the mixture from the bowl on top of the bacon. Cover with the remaining 9 slices of bacon and then with another sheet of kitchen foil and seal at the edges. Half an hour in a hot oven on both sides and prick with a fork to see if it's ready.If the fork comes out clean, it's ready.

What to do

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