Rice in the pot

Region of Murcia

Region of Murcia
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for 4 people: 600 g of rice 400 g of ripe tomatoes 6 cloves of garlic 4 large ·'ñoras' (spicy peppers) 2 kg of various types of fish (whitebait, gurnard, grey mullet, redfish or gilt-head seabream) 2 dl of olive oil 6 sprigs of parsley salt

  • Preparation

    Fry the peppers for a few minutes in a cast iron or stainless steel pan, remove and put to one side. Place the fish heads in the same oil, followed by the tomatoes and put the crushed peppers back in.Grind the garlic, parsley and spicy red peppers in a mortar. Boil the whitebait in a pan and when it is ready, add the ground garlic, parsley and peppers and cook for a further half an hour. Strain the broth, add the rest of the fish, cleaned and descaled, and cook for a further 15 minutes. Drain and put to one side. Cook the rice in the fish broth for approximately 15 minutes, the rice should not be dry nor should there be too much broth.Crush the garlic cloves with the potatoes, add the broth and the egg yolk and mix well. Gradually add the oil, stirring continuously. Season with salt. Serve the rice in the pot with the garlic sauce.

Category: First course

Cooking time: 30-60 minutes

Price: Medium

Season: All year round

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