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The wines of Tenerife


The flavour that conquered William Shakespeare

Volcanic earth, Atlantic climate, and refined farming techniques. This formula is responsible for the special aroma and taste of wines from Tenerife. In the 16th century its wines were prized by writers, leading figures, and monarchs from all over Europe. 

With five different grape-growing areas and an exceptional climate, Tenerife can be proud of the quality and variety of its wines. Fruity, intense flavours that are the ideal accompaniment to the dishes of Tenerife; perfect to go with a cheeseboard or dessert, for example. A special mention goes to the malvasía wines, famous across Europe from the 16th century on. Writers like William Shakespeare, Lord Byron and Walter Scott discuss them in their work, and the leading courts and royal families of the continent used to drink them often.There are a hundred wineries on the island offering the opportunity to discover the unique tastes and nuances of Tenerife wines. Guided tours, tastings with commentary and walks in the vineyards all make it possible to understand the characteristics and unique qualities of the five wine-making comarcas of Tenerife: Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de la Orotava, Valle de Güímar and Abona.

Vineyards in Realejos, Tenerife
Wineries in Tenerife

Five designations of origin

To the north of Tenerife, the Taroconte-Acentejo area offers the beautiful landscape of its vines grown in the mountainsides on terraces up to a thousand metres above sea level. Also in the north are the vineyards of Valle de la Orotava. At altitudes of 400 to 800 metres, they make for a lovely view with the banana trees of the coastal areas, and the silhouette of the Teide in the background.In the north-west of the island are the vineyards of the Ycoden-Daute-Isora designation of origin. These wines are the successors of the “canary wines” that were much appreciated in past centuries. The other two wine-making comarcas are in the south of Tenerife. If you prefer white wine you’ll be glad to know that 80% of the Valle de Güímar wines are white. Meanwhile, in the Abona area you can see the highest-altitude vineyards in all of Spain, in the municipality of Vilaflor, 1,700 metres above sea level.

Couple walking in vineyards in Tenerife
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