Hiker looking at Las Médulas (UNESCO) in Castilla y León

3 essential natural wonders in Castilla y León

Castilla y Leon

Mountains, valleys, trails and thousands of hectares of wild nature are just waiting to be discovered in Castilla y León. A region full of contrasts where the natural world always takes pride of place. Here you can enjoy more than 40 natural parks with landscapes and activities to please everyone. We’re going to tell you about three places you really shouldn't miss while you're in this region, places that are unique and that you're sure to love.

Las Médulas, León

Las Médulas will grab your attention right away, not just thanks to their rather odd appearance, but also because of their history - this is where the biggest gold mine in whole of the Roman Empire was located in the 2nd century. While the Romans were extracting gold, through excavations and a novel system of aqueducts, they also steadily modified and eroded the contours of the land. The passage of time has taken care of the rest. The result is an incredible landscape where the russet tones of the rock contrast with the green of the vegetation.Due to its significant natural and historical value, this is a protected area. It’s an officially designated Cultural Space, and has been a Property of Cultural Interest since 1996, a World Heritage Site since 1997, and a Natural Monument since 2002. A magical place that's truly unique, and one not to be missed.

Las Médulas from inside a cave, León

Ojo Guareña, Burgos

This spectacular natural monument is to be found to the north of Burgos. This is one of the largest karst complexes in Europe, with over 110 kilometres of caves. It’s one of the most important places in the history of Spain, as this network of caves and passageways has been used by human beings in almost every historical era. Inside, numerous archaeological finds of great importance have been discovered, from cave paintings to footprints and the remains of tools, such as torches.Here you can visit the Cueva Ermita de San Bernabé as well. An unexpected gem that you’ll find in the interior of one of the 14 main caves within the complex. Inside the rock you can admire the beautiful paintings that decorate the walls of the hermitage, and enjoy the feeling of peace and tranquillity within.

Church in the rocks of Ojo Guareña, Burgos

Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park, Soria-Burgos

This natural park situated between Burgos and Soria covers over ten thousand hectares, and is the third of these essential sights. A natural space full of caves and valleys cut into the rock over time by the waters of the river Lobos. It's also a designated Special Protection Area for birds, so as you walk along the trails and admire the landscapes make sure you remember to look up at the sky, as there is a large colony of griffon vultures.If you like a good mystery, you’ll enjoy the Ermita de San Bartolomé, a building that's said to have been built by the Knights Templar at the exact midpoint between Cabo de Creus and Finisterre, a spot that has an atmosphere and energy all of its own. As you can see there are some incredible places in those thousands of hectares of protected land in Castilla y León, places that stand out for their natural beauty, their history, of a perfect combination of both. Natural spaces that have sometimes grown old together with their inhabitants, who have left traces of their passing behind helping to create these beautiful landscapes. If you come to Castilla y León, remember that: these are three natural wonders that are not to be missed! 

Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park between Burgos and Soria
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