Avila city walls by night

Discover the history and culture of Castile and León in the heart of Spain

Castilla y Leon

Are you looking to take a cultural trip in Spain? It's full of destinations for enjoying history and culture. But if you and your companions are fascinated by the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages in particular, Castile and León will take your breath away. You can wander along the ancient walls, still in perfect condition, and gaze at the monuments that have been declared World Heritage Sites. You'll be amazed.

Near Ponferrada, you will find Las Médulas, an ancient and fascinating Roman gold mine where they used water as an extraction method, and we're sure you'll find it fascinating. That's in addition to the tunnels and caves that are hidden within a pair of reddish rocky outcrops. If you climb to the top of the viewpoint you can gaze at the incredible landscape.In the city of Léon, you can take a stroll around to discover all the hidden little spots and learn about its history. In the old town, you can walk along the ancient Roman wall that underwent numerous renovations during the Middle Ages. There is also the well-known Plaza del Grano, with the same cobbles that have been there since ancient times.

La Médulas Roman gold mine in León

In Zamora, the Santa María de Moreruela Monasteryis an incredibly well-conserved building where you can travel back in time to experience what life was like in the monastery. It's a perfect place to take a family trip near the Lagunas de Villafáfila Natural Reserve and it's impressive natural surroundings.The famous walls of Ávila, , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are an architectural wonder that have been conserved in perfect condition. It's a real treat for lovers of Medieval history, where they can enjoy some exceptional views.Castile and León also opens the doors to the ancient city of Salamanca and various other magnificent locations to make your trip even more magical.


Ruins of the Moreruela monastery in Zamora
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