Cheeses of the Canary Islands

Cheese makers in Lanzarote


Discover how the island's delicious cheeses are made

The quality and fame of Lanzarote's cheeses cross borders. The island's cheese makers are often among the winners of international specialist competitions and awards. And when you try their exquisite flavours, you understand perfectly why this is the case. Part of the secret lies in the traditional production methods.

Something for everyone

A wide variety of cheeses are produced on the island, with unique textures, aromas and nuances. You will find cheeses of all kinds, and all delicious. There are cheeses made with pure sheep milk, goat milk or a mixture; fresh, soft, cured and semi-cured varieties; naturally smoked cheeses, with the rind coated in the traditional gofio canario (toasted grain flour) or paprika... One of the most famous is the majorera goat's milk cheese, as this breed of goat is native to the Canary Islands.

Variety of Canary Island cheeses

Centuries-old tradition

To produce these cheeses, for decades cheese makers have respected the traditional artisan methods that help to preserve all the properties and vitamins of the milk. And what better than a visit to one of Lanzarote's cheese makers to discover first-hand how these cheeses are prepared and learn the secrets of the mastery of their craftsmen. What's more, you can try the different specialities and buy the cheese you like the most right there.Some of the most well-known cheese makers include Finca de Uga, El Faro, Tinache, Montaña Blanca, Granja San Roque, Flor de Teguise, Flor de Luz, Atalaya, Rubicón and Montaña de Haria.

Cheese making