Tasting dishes at the Lamprey Festival in Arbo (Pontevedra, Galicia)

Lamprey Festival

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



Arbo, in Pontevedra, celebrates a food festival every year which is all about one of its star products, lampreys.

Over several days there are tastings of dishes made with lampreys. Bagpipe music plays through the streets and the municipal band also performs. Lampreys are cylindrically shaped, scale-free fish that reproduce in rivers, grow in the sea and then return to river environments. Fishing for these fish is very popular in this part of Spain between January and April and it is done with the traditional 'pesqueiras', stone structures that are placed river. They are usually eaten with wine from the region.

Lamprey Festival

Arbo, Pontevedra  (Galicia)


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