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Food markets and traditional markets


You’ve probably found that the most enjoyable way to learn more about Spanish culture and customs is to indulge in its cuisine. So we want to tell you about the vast network of traditional food and gourmet markets ready to welcome you.

There are very few Spanish cities where you won't find one of these "reinvented" spaces where you can experience the local cuisine at its source. How about choosing your own hamburger meat and enjoying a craft beer at the neighbouring stand while they cook it to order? This is one of the options available in these markets, where tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand.Yes, that's right. Historic buildings in the very heart of the cities that before housed only the local produce market and now offer a variety of gourmet foods, artisanal goods and even live music. We highly recommended making a stop on your urban route and sampling some of Spain's culinary culture.

Estación Gourmet Market in Valladolid
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