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Travelling to Spain by train


The international train network connects Spain with Portugal and France. It features the AVE high-speed train connection with France. Here you can find a table with a selection of rail services for getting to Spain.

Marseille (France) Barcelona AVE high-speed train 4h 30 min
Marseille (France) Madrid AVE high-speed train 7 hrs 45 mins
Paris (France) Barcelona AVE high-speed train 6 hrs 20 min
Lyon (France) Barcelona AVE high-speed train 5 hours
Toulouse (France) Barcelona AVE high-speed train 3 hrs 15 mins
Paris (France) Irún TGV 5 hours
Lisbon (Portugal) Madrid Lusitania 10 hours
Lisbon (Portugal) Irún Surexpreso 13 hrs 15 min
Lisbon (Portugal) Donostia - San Sebastián Surexpreso 13 hrs 30 min
Oporto (Portugal) Vigo Trencelta 2 hrs 15 mins
A different way to travel to Spain is to use passes such as InterRail, Eurail or Rail Plus, which allow you to continue travelling through other countries in Europe.