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Cordoba cake


  • 材料

    Ingredients for 6 people 500 gm of flour 300 gm of butter 1 splash of vinegar 100 gm of lard ½ l of water 10 gm of salt 500 gm of pureed pumpkin sugar cinnamon

  • 作り方

    Mix the flour with the water, vinegar, lard and salt until it forms a mixture that is not too soft. Roll it out and cover with the butter. Turn it over six times and divide it into equal parts. Roll one into a round shape and cover with the pumpkin purée. Cover with the other part and glaze the edges with the beaten egg and pinch all round to close. Place in the oven for 35 minutes on a high heat.Once cooked, glaze again and sprinkle the top with sugar and cinnamon. Return to the oven to dry.

  • 盛り付け

    Serve hot or cold, as you prefer