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Salmorejo: a world of flavours

As with many cultural and artistic expressions, food needs an atmosphere; a space where fellow diners can learn about it, taste it and applaud it. The assistants are in the limelight and it is the public that that participates with the chef in the brief moment of his/her creation. This fleeting moment is reflected in other cultural and artistic disciplines – and they are unrepeatable.This is the most typical Cordobes dish and you can try it in one of our reputable restaurants.We invite you to learn about its history, but above all, we encourage you to make it yourselves with natural ingredients from the province of Cordoba.

Prezzo 65.0€ a persona (tasse comprese)
Attività disponibili nelle seguenti lingue Spanish, English, French, German, Italian
Luogo Córdoba (Cordoba)
Durata  4 ore
Categoria dell'attività Vino e gastronomia, Corsi di cucina
Per chi? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBT, Senior
Impresa organizzatrice CORDOBA INCOMING SC.
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