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The Jewish quarter of Seville

Sevilla Jewry, a magical place to get lost in its history, art, corners, legends and traditions. The Jewish quarter of Seville, is a must for the enjoyment of the senses, an encounter with history and legend, a walk through the culture and sensitivity, explore its unusual layout of streets, it is a real privilege laden beauty and charm. Let the imagination to know how was the old Jewish quarter of Seville fly, recreate their old gates into the neighborhood, stroll through its narrow streets, see the location of sites of its ancient mosques, which later became synagogues and currently are churches, we see the remains of its walls, the origin of its streets, the color of their homes, the most important characters that lived, from rabbis, merchants, through philosophers and treasurers, will undoubtedly be an unforgettable ride where you learn the origin of a culture and the evolution of a neighborhood. The tour is very enjoyable and enlightening, full of historical curiosities that will surprise us at every step. A great way to spend a different and entertaining evening know Seville and the legacy left to us by other cultures.

Prezzo 6.0€ a persona (tasse comprese)
Attività disponibili nelle seguenti lingue Spanish, English, French
Luogo Seville (Seville)
Durata  2 ore
Categoria dell'attività Turismo urbano, Circuiti urbani
Per chi? LGBT, Senior, Adults without children, Families, Young people
Impresa organizzatrice MOLARTE
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