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L'Estret de les Penyes Canyon (Alicante)

Have fun in a different way at the same time you enjoy an activity alfresco and in contact with nature with a downhill through the water cliff in L’Estret de les Penyes. Along the way you will have to walk, jump, slide, swim or manoeuvre ropes. Everything you need to get to live the experience of crossing waterfalls, natural water slides and ponds.In this activity we will call the adventurous one you have in yourself, explaining the basic techniques of cliff downhilling; getting to know the basic equipment you will need, as well as recognising the different geographical accidents of a cliff and its origins. Get ready to enjoy a wonderful experience on the rocks.Includes:Technical equipmentCR and accidents InsurancePictures of the activityGuide

Prezzo 38.0€ a persona (tasse comprese)
Attività disponibili nelle seguenti lingue Spanish, English
Luogo Callosa d'en Sarrià (Alicante - Alacant)
Durata  5 ore
Categoria dell'attività Natura, Sport e avventura, Torrentismo, Cultura spagnola e tradizioni
Per chi? LGBT, Senior, Adults without children, Families, Young people
Impresa organizzatrice Nattule
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