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 Hiker in the Anboto mountain in Urkiola Natural Park, Basque Country

The Basque Country is home to every shade of green you could possibly need to reconnect with nature

Basque Country

Green forests, towering cliffs, seemingly impossible rock formations and so much wild nature is waiting for you in the Basque Country. Whether it's through the sound of the wind in the mountains, the silence in the forests, or the swing of the sea, here you will find whatever it is you need to reconnect with nature. Ready to go?

  • El Bosque Pintado de Oma, Bizkaia

    El Bosque Pintado de Oma, Bizkaia

    At the heart of the Urdabai Biosphere Reserve you'll find what looks like a normal sort of forest, but once inside what you'll find is a genuine work of art created by painter and sculptor Agustín Ibarrola. A forest that is perfect for exploring and getting lost in, hunting down the different works of art which very often can only be seen from one specific viewpoint, as the whole of the painting is only revealed where several trees are aligned in a particular way.

  • El Salto del Nervión, Álava

    El Salto del Nervión, Álava

    This is the highest waterfall in the whole of Spain, with a drop of over 300 metres, and it’s located in the Monte Santiago Natural Monument, waiting to be discovered. You'll discover all the natural beauty of the area, walking through a deep, dense beech forest. As you come to the edge of the wood, you’ll hear the sound of the water, and when a rocky amphitheatre opens up before you, you’ll see the enormous waterfall in the shape of a horse’s tail. A spectacular view that will definitely put you back in touch with the natural world.

  • Flysch on the Basque Coast, Gipuzkoa

    The Basque Coast Geopark, Gipuzkoa

    Here too you can feel the power of nature, in the incredible landscapes that stretch out into the sea at the towns of Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku. These are the Flysch, rock formations eroded by the sea that can go on for miles, creating crests you can walk along at low tide. In this area you’ll find lots of routes for exploring these odd rock formations with the sounds of the sea in the background.

  • La Cueva de Pozalagua, Bizkaia

    If you want to reconnect with nature, this is another great place to do so. In the Armañón Natural Park you’ll find something unique. A very special cave, the one with the largest number of oddly shaped stalactites in the world. They seem to have grown in all directions, creating shapes reminiscent of roots or corals. A place to enjoy the magic of nature with the lights and shadows created inside this beautiful cave.

  • Otzarreta Forest in the Natural Park of Gorbeia Area, Bizkaia and Álava

    Natural Park of Gorbeia Area, Bizkaia and Álava

    This is the biggest natural park in the Basque country, a huge area where you can discover the incredible natural riches of this province. Thanks to its size, there are so many different landscapes to marvel at, from deep forests of beech or oak to caves and spectacular waterfalls. You can also climb 1,481 metres up to the top of Mount Gorbeia, where you'll find the famous Cross of Gorbeia, which is almost 20 metres high. Without doubt the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

If you want to feel closer to the natural world again the Basque Country, with its forests, high mountains and proximity to the sea is an excellent choice, and here you'll find a huge variety of different landscapes to lose yourself in.

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