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LGTBI-friendly beaches to fall in love with


The summer is here, and after celebrating pride in Spain you’ve got a taste for more. Good news: there are a whole host of LGTBI-friendly beaches along the Spanish coast that you’re sure to fall in love with; inclusive spaces ideal for relaxation, entertainment and discovering natural areas. Summer heat, salty water and truly idyllic scenery ... Read on to learn about the best gay-friendly beaches in Spain.

  • El Muerto beach in Sitges in Barcelona, Catalonia

    Sitges, the Mediterranean’s LGTBI town

    Located right on the Catalonian coast, Sitges will captivate you from the moment you set foot in the town. Lose yourself in its streets and be amazed by the numerous beaches that line its esplanade. There are three LGTBI beaches: Bassa Rodona, Balmins and the El Muerto beach. The latter has a particularly special charm, as a paradisiacal nudist bay located far from the urban centre, where total relaxation is inevitable.

  • Sunset on Artola beach in the region of Marbella in Malaga, Andalusia

    Artola Beach, Marbella

    The warm weather of Marbella almost demands a dip in the cool waters, doesn’t it? Well then, why not visit the gay-friendly beach at Artola, one of the wildest and most beautiful nudist beaches on the Spanish coast. Situated within the protected natural landscape of the Artola Dunes, here you can lie on the sand and let yourself be caressed by the sun as you enjoy unique vistas.

  • Ponzos beach in A Coruña, Galicia

    Miles upon miles of sand in A Coruña

    Northern Spain offers up a selection of gorgeous LGTBI-friendly spots, such as Ponzos beach in Galicia. The 1,400-metre long by 50-metre wide beach is a spacious paradise in which you can lose yourself and enjoy the summer heat. A unique natural setting framed by cliffs that will leave you speechless.

  • Pinedo Beach in Valencia, Valencian Community

    A gay-friendly beach in La Albufera

    The La Albufera Park is one of Spain’s most beloved natural spaces. Pay a visit and enjoy a dip in the sea off the coast of the Pinedo Beach, a gay-friendly site, home to dunes and golden sands. Stroll along its esplanade, enjoy the cuisine served up in its restaurants and even try your hand at sport fishing at the mouth of the Turia river. A Valencian beach that truly has everything, and where boredom is an alien concept.

  • La Tejita beach in Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife, Canary Islands

    La Tejita Beach, Tenerife

    Located in the Canary Islands, this is one of those Spanish beaches you can enjoy at any time of year. Besides its extensive length, the Tejita beach has its own rocky, red volcanic crater that will be simply impossible to take your eyes off as you bathe. This gay-friendly beach is a must-visit on your trip to Tenerife.

These are just a few of the LGTBI-friendly spots to visit along the coasts of Spain. If you really enjoy beach tourism, you should absolutely stop by and soak up some sun within an atmosphere that is unique, idyllic and free.

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