Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve

Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve


Nature around the Turia River

A protected territory located in the middle course of the Turia River with scenery of outstanding beauty that changes according to the season. From the russets and greens of autumn to the snowy white blanket of winter. In spring the trees are bursting into bloom and in summer the dry, hot weather nurtures surprising sunsets. Plus, the hilly landscape allows for many different adventure sports. There is also a network of signposted hiking paths.

The area was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2019, highlighting the variety of vegetation on its lands. This declaration has driven the area’s sustainable development with the sale of local products.

Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve

Mancomunidad del Alto Turia. Tourist information

Carretera CV 35 Km. 73.5

46177  Tuéjar, Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)

Type of area:Biosphere Reserve Area:67.08 hectares Tel.:+34 961 635 084 Website:

Valencia-València (Region of Valencia):

  • Aras de los Olmos
  • Benagéber
  • Casas Altas
  • Casas Bajas
  • Chelva
  • Titaguas
  • Tuéjar
  • Cuenca (Castilla-La Mancha):

    • Santa Cruz de Moya
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  • Cultural information

    The biosphere reserve expands across the regions of Serranía and Rincón de Ademuz. A tour of the villages here reveals the historic legacy of the Romans, Arabs and Jews who once lived here. They are perfect for a quick break in the countryside. Among the most noteworthy cultural visits, we recommend the Roman aqueduct of Peña Cortada and the site El abrigo del Tío Escribano, in Tinaguas. Its cave paintings form part of the Rock Art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin, awarded the World Heritage designation by the UNESCO with regular tours operated from the Tinaguas Museum.The area is also known for its tasty local artisan products such as honey, wine, olive oil, biscuits and cured meat.

  • Environmental information

    The landscapes alternate between mountainous regions, rock formations, river courses, salt marshes and lagoons. The area’s vegetation includes an abundance of pine forests, oakwoods and junipers, although you can also spot some strawberry trees and hawthorn trees. The area’s main fauna includes Iberian hares, European rabbits, steppe birds, the white-throated dipper, midwife toads and fresh water fish such as red-tailed Barbel and Mediterranean cyprinid.

  • Information for visits

    The main road accesses to the area are via the CV-35 and N-330 and a round trip of the municipalities included in the biosphere reserve can be covered in around three and a half hours. The city of Valencia is about 100 kilometres away.It is an ideal natural space for many sports, such as hiking, cycling, horse riding, climbing, caving, rafting, fishing and water sports.

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