Plate of Piquillo Peppers

Coming to Navarre? We'll tell you what to try

Autonomous Community of Navarre

Navarre is a region that’s full of variety, with a great diversity of landscapes that make for a multitude of top-quality regional products. Old recipes that have been handed down through the years, simple dishes that are packed with flavour. Come and discover all these culinary delights that can’t be missed.

  • Piquillo peppers stuffed with salt cod

    Piquillo peppers

    One of the most popular dishes in the cuisine of Navarre, thanks to their versatility and the Lodosa Denomination of Origin. These peppers can be roasted, or stuffed with either meat or fish. One of the best known and most traditional fillings is salt cod.

  • Fresh white asparagus

    White asparagus

    Its great taste, pale colour, soft texture, artisan production and excellent quality lead to the award of a specific denomination of origin. You simply can’t leave without trying it.

  • Timbale of trucha a la navarra

    Trucha a la navarra

    An unusual and delicious combination. To prepare this dish, first of all you need to gut and wash the trout, then place a slice of serrano ham inside each one, before coating them coat in flour, and deep frying. Definitely worth a try.

  • Plate of cardo a la navarra

    Cardo a la navarra

    The cardoon is one of the vegetable stars of Navarre’s cuisine. They’re generally served chopped and cooked in a delicious sauce made with garlic, flour and ham. An interesting seasonal dish that’s great as a winter warmer. 

  • Detail of cordero al chilindrón

    Cordero al chilindrón

    You really can’t leave Navarra without trying this mouthwatering dish. A delicious lamb stew made with peppers, tomato, garlic, onion, white wine and pepper. A traditional recipe that has been handed down to us through the years thanks to the quality of the ingredients used, and the great taste.

  • Bacalao al ajoarriero


    Quick and easy, this is one of Navarre’s most typical recipes. There’s a clear star of the show here, and that’s flaked salt cod. This is a dish that’s packed with flavour, and one that has also become a favourite in other regions of Spain. It’s made with simple produce such as onions, tomato, garlic, potatoes and peppers. 

  • Idiazabal cheese

    Cheeses from Navarre

    This is the region where you’ll find two of the most highly prized cheeses in Spain. Idiazábal has an intense, slightly smoky flavour; the Roncal Denomination of Origin cheeses also have an intense flavour, and you’ll be able to enjoy different versions, depending on the level of maturity. 

  • Detail of canutillos de crema

    Canutillos de crema

    A dessert to add a final touch of sweetness to any meal, these cream-filled pastry cones are a real delight. They’re usually served warm and dusted with icing sugar. Although their origins lie in the north of the region, you’ll be able to find them all over Navarre. 

Come and enjoy all the products and flavours of Navarre - these and other culinary delights are waiting for you. Discover them.  

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