Couple looking at a map in the streets of Granada

Pack your bags: this Spanish countryside adventure is perfect for couples


Inland Spain is full of unique experiences for you to enjoy as a couple. Villages steeped in history, beautiful natural spaces and idyllic locations that look like they're straight out of a fairytale; all perfect for enjoying with your partner. Below we highlight some of the most romantic places to visit in inland Spain, so you can start packing your suitcase.

  • View of the hanging houses of Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha

    The enchanted city, Cuenca

    Apart from the famous hanging houses of Cuenca, houses perched over a rocky cliff side that almost seem to defy gravity, and one of the city’s most popular attractions, here you also can discover another city, the enchanted city. A natural space inside the Serranía de Cuenca Nature Reserve that is over 90 million years old, where you can enjoy a lovely walk between the curious rocky formations while you let your imagination run free.   

  • Ercina Lake at the Lakes of Covadonga, Asturias

    Cangas de Onís, Asturias

    A beautiful village, perfect for you and your partner to lose yourselves in and enjoy the tranquillity while you discover all its secrets. Like its Roman bridge, an idyllic place where you will fall in love with the sound of the Sella river, or its streets, where you can take a stroll as you marvel at stunning buildings like the Pintu palace. What’s more, if you love adventure you don’t need to look any further than the Lakes of Covadonga, a breathtaking natural space in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park, dominated by carpets of intense green, only broken up by vast bodies of water. A place where your love is bound to grow.

  • Ronda in Malaga, Andalusia

    Ronda, Malaga

    This is one of the most romantic cities in all of Spain, and with good reason, as the atmosphere you soak up as you walk through the old streets or many of its hidden corners are second to none. You simply can’t miss a stop at the Puente Nuevo bridge vantage point from where you can take in this spectacular feat of engineering in all its glory. And you simply can’t leave without crossing over the bridge and enjoying the incredible views while you experience a magical moment, above all if you catch the last rays of sunshine of the day.

  • Couple taking a photo among the cherry trees in blossom in the Jerte Valley, Extremadura

    Jerte Valley, Cáceres

    This valley has incredible natural beauty, and in it you can also visit charming villages where you can find small and beautiful places to stay, perfect for enjoying the tranquillity and your company. But if you come here with your partner, the best time is in spring, when nature will put on an amazing show for you. That’s when the whole valley is covered in a white blanket of blossom from over one and a half million cherry trees on the mountain slopes, offering you the chance to walk hand in hand through a breathtakingly beautiful, unforgettable landscape.

  • Sculpture of the Lovers of Teruel, Aragón

    The Lovers of Teruel, Aragón

    Teruel is regarded as the Spanish city of love due to the famous legend of Isabel de Segura and Juan Martínez de Marcilla, the lovers of Teruel. Two young people who had an impossible romance and who died because they couldn’t be together. Today you can visit their tombs in San Pedro Church, where there is a sculpture of the two young lovers with their hands stretched towards each other without quite touching. Teruel also boasts an ensemble of historical monuments that has been listed as a World Heritage Site due to the fascinating Mudéjar architecture, and you will have a great time as you lose yourself in the streets of the old town. 

Spain has a large variety of adventures in store for you and your partner, perfect for enjoying the surroundings and each other’s company.

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