Coast of Ferrol

Gulf of Ártabro

Gulf of Ártabro


The Gulf of Ártabro is formed by four estuaries: A Coruña, Betanzos, Ares and Ferrol. The name of this area in northwest Galicia comes from the people who inhabited the place in pre-Roman times, the Artabri. The villages in this area, the numerous rivers that flow out into the sea and its beaches make this an exceptionally attractive destination.

In the Ría da Coruña estuary you'll find beaches like Riazor and Orzán, with waves that are ideal for surfing. The twinned rivers of Ares and Betanzos are an opportunity to explore stately towns, each with its own beach, and enjoy the scenery in the As Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo biosphere reserve. And in Ferrol you'll find a city whose history is closely linked to its naval tradition.

A little culture

Visitors to A Coruña should on no account miss seeing the Hercules tower. It has the World Heritage designation and is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world, as well as offering spectacular views. Other cities like Ferrol (one of the best natural harbours in the world), and traditional towns and villages like Betanzos (with its lovely church of Santa María) and Pontedeume are worth visiting for their charming monumental sites.

Delicious gastronomy

It's impossible to leave this area without sampling some of the typical seafood dishes.

Where to go

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