La Arnia beach in Cantabria

Costa de Cantabria

Costa de Cantabria


Cantabria, on the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain, offers over 220 kilometres of coastline, with more than 90 beaches in fantastic natural settings.

Beaches to suit everyone

Cantabria has city beaches, wild beaches, quiet beaches, the Bay of Biscay… One of the best known is El Sardinero, in the city of Santander. On the west coast, you'll love Oyambre beach and its beautiful dunes, in the middle of a Natural Park. And on the east coast, for example, La Salvé, in Laredo, is the longest stretch of sand on the Cantabrian coast.

Picturesque towns

As well as the elegant city of Santander, all along the Cantabrian Coast you'll find lovely scenery and charming seaside towns like San Vicente de la Barquera, Castro Urdiales, Comillas (with its famous Gaudí mansion, the “Capricho”), Suances, Noja, Santoña and Laredo.

Seafood specialities

Cantabria is famous for its canned anchovy and tuna production, and its excellent local seafood, such as clams or langoustines. Enjoying these dishes next to the sea is a fabulous experience.

Leisure and culture

While visiting the Cantabrian coast, a quick trip inland brings you to interesting places like the world-famous Altamira Caves, or Cabarceno wildlife park.

Where to go

Places not to be missed