Gaudí’s "Capricho"


Experimental Modernism.

The design of this building by Gaudí combines music and architecture.

It is a building by Antonio Gaudí, designed in the 19th century. Its Modernist style here experiments with the fusion between music and architecture, achieving a new effect on this building. It has a mixture of Arabesque (tiles, brick work…) and neo-Gothic elements and tree shapes. A highlight is the cylindrical tower, decorated with ceramics depicting sunflowers. The glass windows are also important: There are references to music and nature (animals playing different instruments). Regarding the decoration, Gaudí uses iron to try and break the mould.

Gaudí’s "Capricho"

Parque del Sobrellano s/n

39520  Comillas, Cantabria  (Cantabria)

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