Seville Town Hall


It contains several works of great historic and artistic interest, including the town’s pennant and a painting of the patron saints, Justa and Rufina.

Diego de Riaño began work on the building in the 15th century. He designed the Town Hall’s southern section, the small arch that joins the building to the Franciscan monastery, and two storeys adorned with Plateresque reliefs depicting historic and mythical figures, heraldic motifs and emblems related to the founders of the city, Hercules and Caesar. The building was reformed in the 19th century by Demetrio de los Ríos and Balbino Marrón, who designed a new main façade in the Neo-classical style that gives onto the New Square.

Seville Town Hall

Plaza Nueva, 1

41004  Sevilla, Seville  (Andalusia) Tel.:+34 955 470 264 Tel.:+34 902 559 386 Website:
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