Ajuria-Enea Palace


Residence of the lehendakari (chief minister) of the Basque Country Regional Government.

The Palace of Ajuria-Enea is known, above all for being the headquarters of the Basque Government. Apart from its administrative function, it contains monuments, history, and art of great value.

Built in 1918. Commissioned as the residence of the Serafín Ajuria family. A perfect example of the 'Basque style' of traditional architecture. In this way, the Palace of Ajuria-Enea in addition to being a political symbol is also a clear master of it. Ajuria-Enea is also the residence of the 'lehendakari' (leader of the Basque government). It has a beautiful and simple garden with centennial trees.

Ajuria-Enea Palace

Paseo Fray Francisco de Vitoria, 5

01007  Vitoria-Gasteiz, Vitoria, Araba-Álava  (Basque Country)

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