Night view of Barrio Húmedo in León

Barrio Húmedo quarter


This is one of the liveliest areas of the old mediaeval quarter of the city of León, and it owes its name ('the wet neighbourhood') to the multitude of taverns, bars and restaurants to be found there.

Located to the right of the pedestrian avenue known as Calle Ancha and the cathedral, the Barrio Húmedo is the perfect place to practice the local custom known as 'going out for tapas': strolling from bar to bar sampling small quantities of typical local produce which are usually offered free with your drink. Many of the bars specialise in particular delicacies such as black pudding, and all of them provide the chance to try the local wines, served in typical chunky glasses. After whetting your appetite with a few tapas, a good idea is to have a meal in any of the restaurants. This quarter lies around the Plaza de San Martín square, also popularly known as the Plaza de las Tiendas, or 'sqaure of the shops'. Its streets are named after the various different trades: Zapaterías (cobblers), Platerías (silversmiths), Azabachería (jet workers)… It is well worth taking the time to stroll around and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in its numerous alleyways and charming squares, and immerse yourself in the lively bustle of its markets and shops. At night this is a very popular meeting place for young people.

Barrio Húmedo quarter

Barrio Húmedo

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