San Isidoro Royal Collegiate Church in León


The Spanish Romanesque

The collegiate church is one of the most important Romanesque buildings in Spain.

It was built on the foundations of an earlier church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist which was torn down in 988 by Al-Mansur. It was restored by Alfonso V; a new church was subsequently built by Ferdinand I and the relics of Saint Isidore and Saint Vincent were transferred there, making it particularly significant. The church was originally in the Asturian pre-Romanesque style and was later rebuilt in the full Romanesque style with three naves, and a sanctuary with three apses. One of these apses was removed when it was converted to the Gothic style.

San Isidoro Royal Collegiate Church in León

Plaza de San Isidoro 4

24003  León  (Castilla y Leon) Tel.:+34 987876161
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