Landscape on the Cariñena Wine Route

The Cariñena Wine Route



The Cariñena Wine Route runs through the Ebro Valley, Aragón, and is 42 kilometres south of the city of Zaragoza, surrounded by the beautiful, colourful landscapes of the Sierra de Algairén mountain range, the banks of the Huerva and the plains. This large winegrowing region is home to beautiful towns, such as Alfamén, Cariñena and Longares, where most of the wineries on the route are located. The route offers visitors the chance to see mediaeval and Renaissance architecture, as well as stunning examples of Mudéjar art.

The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route

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Wine towns

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What are the wines like?

There is a wide variety of grapes along the route, including Mazuela, which has adopted the name of the PDO capital (protected designation of origin): Cariñena. Whites, rosés and young, aged and vintage reds, dessert wines… a large variety for all types of drinkers.The Cariñena PDO covers 14,440 hectares of vines located in the oldest, largest and most renowned winegrowing region in Aragón, and one of the most historic in Spain.

What I can find

Visitors can enjoy hiking and climbing in beautiful landscapes, as well as the varied heritage, cuisine and wines of the area. The wine offerings are endless: wineries, restaurants, accommodation, museums, specialist shops and even vinotherapy treatments. The Wine Route can also be followed by bus, departing from Zaragoza.Cariñena also has guided tours where you can discover charming mediaeval buildings. A highlight is the old Roman dam in the town of Muel and the Goya frescos in the town chapel. Standout local festivities in the Campo de Cariñena area include El Paloteo folk weapon dance festival in Longares and the Grape Harvest festival.

How to get here

The Campo de Cariñena region has an exceptional location, 42 kilometres to the south of Zaragoza, 290 kilometres from Madrid and 360 from Barcelona. It is easy to reach by car: From Zaragoza: A-23 motorway.From Madrid: A-2/E-90/N-220, travelling through La Almunia de Doña Godina.From Barcelona: AP-2/E-90/A-2/N-II to Zaragoza and then the A-23. It can also be reached by train from Zaragoza (Delicias station with stops in Longares, Cariñena and Encinacorba) and Teruel. The Campo de Cariñena Wine Route Tourism Promotion Association comprises nine municipalities: Aguarón, Alfamén, Cariñena, Cosuenda, Encinacorba, Longares, Mezalocha, Paniza and Villanueva de Huerva. They all offer tourist accommodation, restaurants and wineries related to the production and culture of the Cariñena PDO. Use the location map in the 'How to get there' section to see all the destinations on the Wine Route.