Chavasqueira thermal baths, Ourense

Moonlit thermal baths in Ourense


Thermal Capital of Galicia

There is a city in Galicia with more than 2,000 years of history that is famous for its thermal baths, where you can bathe both during the day and at night, at any time of year. It is Ourense, the Thermal Capital of Galicia. Travellers that come to bathe in its thermal waters will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience, immersing their bodies in hot water even when the weather is cold, seeing themselves surrounded by steam, looking up at the starry night sky...

“Magic” fountains

The most famous fountains in Ourense are those of As Burgas. Situated in the heart of the old town, they are well worth a visit to see the water at temperatures of over 60º coming out from them. There are two: the “Burga de Abaixo” (19th century) and the “Burga de Arriba” (17th century). Legend says that whoever touches the water will end up marrying in the city... On the central esplanade, there is also a free open air thermal swimming pool. The experience of bathing whilst looking out over the monuments in the surrounding area is not something you can enjoy just anywhere. What’s more, you can finish off with a wet sauna or sunbathe on the terrace. And there is something else that makes this experience special: the curative power of these waters. Discovered by the Romans some 2,000 years ago, they built a bath house next to this pool, where they worshipped the “nymphs of the springs”.

Collage As Burgas, Ourense

Thermal baths next to the Miño river

As you leave the city's beautiful old town and head towards the Miño river, crossing the Puente Mayorand after the avant-garde Puente del Milenio, you reach the thermal bath area. Here the surroundings are much more natural, but the desire to have a relaxing bath is as strong as ever. In fact, this is the starting point of the Miño Thermal Route: a five-kilometre route along the banks of the river that passes through various thermal areas with waters of varying temperatures, some that are free to visit, others that charge an admission fee, with a peaceful and pleasant ambience. The thermal area nearest to the city is A Chavasqueira, which has a private Japanese-inspired thermal resort with free-to-access outdoor pools. Farther on are others such as Muíño da Veiga or the Outariz Thermal Resort, where you can also enjoy beauty treatments. There are also the Outariz pools and Burga de Canedo, the largest thermal area in the city which is free to use.

Chavasqueira Thermal Baths, Ourense
Outariz Thermal Resort, Ourense

Thermal train

If you prefer to travel to the Thermal baths by car rather than on foot, there are three parking areas close to the thermal route. However, there is another way of getting there: the Thermal Train. It leaves from the Plaza Mayor square and takes a 30 minute route that stops at all the thermal areas.

When to go

Any time of year is a good time to go to the thermal baths, although there are many travellers who claim that a winter visit is an unbeatable experience, when the rain falls as you enjoy bathing in hot water. Whenever you go, there are a number of ways to complete your trip throughout the region of Ourense: visit any of its eight spas, go to see the spectacular canyons of the Ribeira Sacra, or complete the Ribeiro Wine Route.

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