Ibiza Light Festival

Nights filled with light in four Heritage Cities


Special events centred around light

The World heritage cities of Salamanca, Toledo, Ibiza and Avila celebrate visual arts festivals and light and sound shows in their historic centres. Their key monuments are transformed into screens onto which the light-based creations are projected and people gather in their squares to enjoy evenings filled with light and wonder. All of these activities are free to attend.

Salamanca, Festival of Light and Vanguards

This festival takes place in Salamanca in June and sees the city filled with light shows which are projected in spaces such as the Plaza Mayor square, the New Cathedral, the University or the Church of the Convento de San Esteban. On the days that the festival is held, other light-based activities and cultural shows also take place.Salamanca Old Town, with monuments such as cathedrals and the university, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A walk through its historic centre at sunset reveals the reason behind the popular nickname of Salamanca: the golden city. This is due to the golden hue its monuments take on as the sun sets.

Festival of Light and Vanguards, Salamanca

Toledo, the light and El Greco

For at least one weekend a year, monuments of Toledo are lit up with the works of El Greco. It is usually in July or September and the Cathedral, the Rojas Theatre and the Mirador boulevard, among other spaces, serve as a canvas for audiovisual creations and light and sound montages based on the works of the artist. Toledo is known as the city of three cultures and its monuments reflect the centuries-long coexistence of Christians, Jews and Arabs. It's old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is easy to get around on foot. Places worth visiting include the Museum of Santa Cruz, the El Greco Museum and the Cathedral, among others.

Lux Greco Festival, Toledo

Ibiza Light Festival

Performing arts and the illuminations bring colour to the old part of the port of Ibiza for one weekend in October. Most of the participating artists’ creations are installed on the streets of La Marina, where you can see projections on buildings and performances. UNESCO recognises the culture and biodiversity of the island of Ibiza as a World Heritage Site. In Ibiza you can see this for yourself in the upper part of the town, in Dalt Vila. With regard to biodiversity, Ibiza stands out for its marine ecosystem, known for its posidonia oceanica meadows.

Ibiza Light Festival

Ilumina Ávila

The historic façade of the Town Hall, presiding over the Plaza del Mercado Chico, the churches of La Santa and San Pedro or the Puerta del Alcázar are some of the venues that have hosted the various editions of Ilumina Ávila. Each year at the end of August, this videomapping show draws the history and attractions of the city based on light and projections and using its main monuments as canvases. Avila is sheltered by the Sierra de Gredos and UNESCO recognises it as a World Heritage City. Its wall, its Renaissance palaces and churches and the fact that it was the birthplace of Santa Teresa are some of its hallmarks, as well as a gastronomy led by the famous veal chop and the famous (and sweet!) Santa Teresa yolks.  

Façade of Town Hall, Mercado Chico
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