Casa Batlló dramatised tour in Barcelona

Dramatised and unusual tours in Spain


Do you like finding out everything about the places you visit? Do you always have a thousand questions when you arrive somewhere new? Do you love imagining historic sites full of the life and atmosphere of their heyday? Then you're going to love these destinations with unusual and dramatised tours.


Did you know central Madrid has a literary quarter, the Barrio de las Letras? We suggest exploring it with a dramatised tour organised by the Lope de Vega House-Museum (usually in May and June) presenting the main writers of the Spanish Golden Age. The dramatised tour of the Fomento Palace building, which takes place throughout the year, is also very well known. It can be found next to Buen Retiro Park, across from the Puerta de Atocha railway station. There are only two options, but there are different groups that organise themed tours around the city. Some of the most popular tours focus on traditional cuisine, architecture, art, or flamenco, for example.

Scene from a dramatised tour next to the Lope de Vega House-Museum in the Barrio de las Letras district in Madrid

Around Madrid

Cities like Alcala de Henares (about 35 kilometres from Madrid) or Chinchon (about 50 kilometres from Madrid) are destinations of great tourist interest and organise dramatised visits. The former focuses on its most famous figure, Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. while Chinchón's dramatised tour reveals the town's eventful past and some curious facts. Would you like to see what life was like in a castle? Try it at Manzanares el Real Castle. There are dramatised tours every weekend, and in the evenings in summer. It is advisable to book in advance. Meanwhile, in Buitrago de Lozoya, you can enjoy this type of tour on Saturdays from May to October.

Dramatised tour. Manzanares el Real Castle


Who better to show you Barcelona than its most famous artists? You can take the themed tours on Gaudí or Picasso, for example, finding your own way on foot or on a bicycle tour with a guide. And if you're travelling with kids, consider the Casa Batlló dramatised tour. There, Gaudí himself tells children all about Art Nouveau in a fun way. Available in English. Catalonia offers other very interesting dramatised tours. For example, the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia regularly uses actors to bring the famous Greek ruins of Empuries (Girona) to life; and Siurana Castle (Tarragona) recreates its past on the second weekend of each month.

Actor playing Gaudí in a dramatised tour at the Casa Batlló. Barcelona.


You'll find dramatised tours almost all year round, usually on a Saturday. We recommend asking about the tour of Granada in the footsteps of the famous poet Federico García Lorca. Other interesting themed routes reveal the city's secrets and curiosities, its monumental cemetery, or the scenes in Granada that have been settings in films.Granada is also home to the Alhambra, and there are special tours here too. Take the opportunity to see it in a new light, with a night-time tour of its palaces and gardens. You can also take a guided tour of the Albaicín neighbourhood.

View of the district of Albaicín in Granada from a window in the Alhambra Palace


Why is Salamanca called "the golden city"? Why does it have two cathedrals? Why is there an astronaut carved into the cathedral façade? These are some of the secrets of Salamanca you can discover with its wide range of unusual tours. For example, you can climb the medieval towers of the Cathedral, visit buildings that are usually closed to the public, or discover a gallery of urban art.You can also go on the guided tours organised every day by the tourist offices, or take a guided bicycle ride. If you're travelling with kids, we also suggest a trip on the sightseeing train.

External view of one of the towers of Salamanca Cathedral from the top roof


Segovia has guided tours to choose from throughout the year. You can see what's available at the tourist office next to the Aqueduct. Also, and especially if you're travelling in a group, we recommend booking one of their dramatised tours. You'll find plenty of options, such as an evening tour recounting many of the legends associated with the city, scenes from the lives of Santa Teresa de Ávila, or a walk around the city walls with troubadours singing stories about the city.

Segovia tourist office


By bike, on a bus, or accompanied by a tourist guide? Choose how you want to tour the city and see it from a new perspective. There are themed tours on Goya and Mudéjar art. And particularly if you're travelling with kids, other fun options include Divertour, a unique visit to the city centre where you can join actors filming a scene, or a delicious food experience like the Chocotour or Saborea Zaragoza. Zaragoza also offers special routes for learning and practising Spanish.

Statue of Goya in Zaragoza


We suggest three very special visits to Seville and its traditions. On one hand, a trip around the historic centre in a traditional horse-drawn carriage. The ride takes you past the main sights, including the Cathedral, María Luisa Park and Plaza de España. The driver can also tell you some fun facts about the city. Another option is to take a boat ride on the River Guadalquivir. The ride starts from the pier next to the Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) and lasts around an hour. Finally, you can enjoy a dramatised night tour of the Royal Alcázar of Seville performed by Seville’s Classical Theatre Company. This is one of the city's most important monuments and a World Heritage site.

Dramatised tour of the Royal Alcázar Palaces of Seville

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These are just a few of the cities in Spain with dramatised or special tours.Dramatised tours are easiest to find in Spain in July, August and September.