Euskalduna Conference and Music Centre

Bilbao: a city filled with art, history and flavour in Northern Spain


When we arrive at the capital of Vizcaya, Puppy is there to give us a warm welcome. This dog made of a mass of colourful flowers welcomes you to the Guggenheim Museum and invites you to discover the history of Bilbao. Yet this contemporary art gallery, designed by Frank Gehry and boasting titanium panels reminiscent of Bilbao’s industrial past, is not the only place to visit in this city in northern Spain. 

Tourism in Bilbao means: 1. Walking through the Old Town: it’s made up of seven streets filled with bars where people go out for “poteo”. This consists of having zuritos with pintxos: small glasses of beer and slices of bread that come with a variety of toppings. Here you’ll find Santiago Cathedral, San Antón Church, the Ribera Market, the Arenal Gardens and the Arriaga Theatre.2. Crossing the Nervión estuary by the Vizcaya Bridge: this steel and iron transporter bridge which opened in 1893 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and currently still in use. 

Flower sculpture in Bilbao

3. Discovering the new area of the University of Deusto: here you’ll find the Fine Arts Museum, the Euskalduna (Conference and Music Centre) and the Iberdrola Tower, designed using sustainable materials.4. Visiting the Azkuna Zentroa: an old wine warehouse transformed into a cultural centre.5. Ascending the Artxanda mountain by cable car: from here you can take in a beautiful panoramic view of this city in the north of Spain.6. Visiting San Mamés: the home stadium to the city’s football club (Athletic de Bilbao) and also known as “The cathedral of football”, since its fans treat this sport like a religion. 

Azkuna Zentroa

The main areas of interest in Bilbao can be visited on foot or by public transport. If you decide to travel by metro, you’re bound to notice the steel and glass tubes known as “Fosteritos” which provide access to Bilbao’s underground, getting their name from their designer, the famous architect Norman Foster. So, there’s nothing better than putting on a comfortable pair of shoes and get to discovering this city in the north of Spain.

View of Bilbao from Mount Artxanda