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Geological hiking in Rodalquilar

In the mines of Rodalquilar you can find the ruins of an old gold mine dating from the 19th century. It had its peak between the years 1870-1875 but was finally closed due to the fact that the extraction of gold was not very profitable.It is a route that lasts approximately half a day (4 hours) in which they will travel between 4 and 7 km. It is a very simple route so it can be done by anyone who so wishes.You will be able to discover various volcanic eruptions up close and see the geological phenomena that have been forming along the depths of the earth for millions and millions of years.Undoubtedly an experience that you should not miss and a completely different way of knowing the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar and everything that is in it. In these landscapes movies like Indiana Jones and the last crusade or The Mystery of Wells have been shot.Discover a unique way of sightseeing

Price 20.0€ per person (taxes included)
Activities available in the following languages Spanish
Place Almería (Almería)
Duration  4 hours
Date available from: 17-12-2014
Date available to: 31-12-2021
Activity category Tours and visits
Who is it for? Adults without children, Young people, Families, Senior, LGBT
Organising company Yumping
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