Pilgrim by Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Experiences on The Way of Saint James

The experience that everyone wants to remember

With friends, as a couple, in a group or alone, The Way of Saint James is a wonderful experience that is worth enjoying to the maximum. If you are looking for a different type of trip, and one that you will remember forever, you can start planning your route along The Way of Saint James right now. There are thousands of experiences to choose from. Would you like to travel the route like an authentic pilgrim? Or would you prefer something a little more original? On foot or by bike are perhaps some of the most popular ways, but imagine doing The Way of Saint James in a sailing boat or on horseback. There are other options that include gastronomic stops along the route to sample the local cuisine, tours with expert guides to some of the main monuments, or there’s even the possibility of completing the journey without carrying any luggage but having it available every night. Have you decided on your choice of route yet?


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