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Spain’s coast is perfect for water sport enthusiasts and also offers you the ideal opportunity to try your hand at them for the first time too. Spain has almost 8,000 kilometres of coastline with incredibly diverse landscapes ranging from the large sandy beaches of the south, Mediterranean coves lapped with crystal-clear turquoise water, the dramatic, rugged coastline of the north to the impressive volcanic nature of the Canary Islands. These are fantastic places to enjoy water sports such as sailing or windsurfing, or to participate in maritime activities and learn all about the traditions.Have you ever longed to spend a few days on board a yacht? The perfect place to experience this is the Balearic Islands. Do you like windsurfing? Then you’ll know that the Canary Islands and the coast of Cadiz are internationally famed for their winds. If you love surfing real waves then apart from the beaches of the Canary Islands, you should try the ones in Cantabria.There’s so much choice... The sea in Spain offers so much more than leisure and sport, in many places the maritime tradition is almost a way of life. You can discover it with activities such as fishing or programmed tours of fish markets or fishing boats.


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