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We have a really, really delicious and fun trip for you. Taste Spain's most famous dishes, order food with confidence, and even learn how to cook traditional recipes. We have plenty of culinary activities to choose from below, where you can discover and, above all, experience the best of Spain's healthy, tasty Mediterranean Diet.For example, have you been to a wine tasting, or an oil tasting? Do you know how our famous Iberian ham is produced? Perhaps you'd like to learn to cut it like a professional? Do you want to try your hand at making dishes such as paella or salmorejo?There are options for all tastes. You can savour the creations of internationally prestigious chefs, or enjoy more traditional recipes. Of course, you can take the tapas routes in cities that are renowned for their tapas or 'pintxos'. You'll even have the chance to combine your taste for good food with other interests such as sports, culture or wellness.

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