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'Caldereta pastoril' (country stew)

La Rioja

La Rioja
  • Składniki

    Ingredients for 6 people: 1 ½ kg of lamb 40 gm of lard 1 large onion 2 spoonfuls of flour 2 dried red peppers 1 dried chilli pepper 2 bay leaves crushed garlic and parsley water salt

  • Przygotowanie

    In a small pot, over a wood fire, place the lard and fry the lamb and roughly chopped onion until golden. Lightly salt, turning with the skimmer until it changes colour. Next add the flour, leave to cook and cover with a generous quantity of water and crushed garlic and parsley. Add the bay leaves, the peppers and the chopped chilli pepper. Allow to cook slowly, until tender (about 2 hours) and adjust the salt to taste before serving.

Kategoria: Single dish

Czas gotowania: More than 2 hours

Cena: Average

Sezon: Autumn-Winter

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