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La Garrotxa Volcanic Area Nature Reserve


Example of volcanic formation

It has a rich and varied vegetation with a predominance of holm oak, oaks and beech. There are also chestnut trees, hazel, alder, poplar and box.

The fauna includes species such as wild boar, wildcat, dormouse, marten and genet. This protected nature area is also home to the short-toed eagle, the goshawk, peregrine falcon, woodpeckers, nuthatch and marsh tit, as well as to vipers and other reptiles. It is also of particular interest due to its 40 volcanic cones and its 20 lava outcrops. It is considered to be the most important volcanic area on the Iberian Peninsula.

La Garrotxa Volcanic Area Nature Reserve

Girona  (Catalonia)

スペースのタイプ:自然公園 面積:15.31 ヘクタール Eメール Eメール: TEL::+34 972266012 Webサイト:La Garrotxa Volcanic Area Nature Reserve

ジローナ (カタルーニャ):


Ctra. Olot- Santa Pau, km 7 (interior del volcán del Croscat)

17811  Volcán Croscat, Santa Pau, ジローナ  (カタルーニャ)

Eメール TEL::+34 972195094 Webサイト:ビジターセンターのWebサイト

Ctra. Olot- Santa Pau, km 4 (área de Can Serra)

17811  La Fageda d´en Jordà, Santa Pau, ジローナ  (カタルーニャ)

Eメール TEL::+34 972 195 074 Webサイト:ビジターセンターのWebサイト

Avenida de Santa Coloma, 47

17800  Olot, ジローナ  (カタルーニャ)

Eメール TEL::+34 972 268 112 Webサイト:ビジターセンターのWebサイト

Carretera de Olot, Km. 43 (antigua estación de tren de Sant Feliu de Pallerols)

17174  Sant Feliu de Pallerols, ジローナ  (カタルーニャ)

Eメール TEL::+34 972444474 Webサイト:ビジターセンターのWebサイト
Useful information

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  • Cultural information

    La Garrotxa served as an area of transit for the Romans, and remnants of the road can still be seen in the Bianya valley. Examples of Romanesque architecture include the churches of Sant Pere and Sant Vicenç in Besalú, the monastery of Sant Joan les Fonts, and the church of the Sant Sepulcre in Palera. Also worth mentioning is the Modernist style on display in Olot, the regional capital.

  • Environmental information

    The vegetation and the fauna of the volcanic area of La Garrotxa a particularly noteworthy due to its variety. There are holm oak and oak forests, as well as beech woods such as the famous Fageda d’en Jordà.

  • Information for visits

    Check with the visitor centres.