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Olla ferroviaria (Railwayman’s casserole)


  • 材料

    Lean meat, garlic cloves, onions, leeks, green pepper, carrots, bay leaf and white wine.

  • 作り方

    Use a container big enough to place some charcoal inside, and then on top place an earthenware casserole which fits snugly inside, where the stew is to cook. There is a popular festivity in Mataporquera (Valdeolea) when this dish is traditionally eaten. Add the lean meat, garlic and onions and fry everything until brown. When the meat has released some of its juices, add the chopped leeks, green peppers, carrots, a bay leaf and some white wine. Stir well and add the potatoes in chunks and enough water to cover. Simmer until done over low heat.