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Galician beef sirloin


  • 材料

    Ingredients for 4 people: 4 medallions of sirloin, 4cm in size 350g of shallots 1/2l of red wine 1dl of olive oil 2 spoons of chopped parsley pepper salt Other ingredients (accompaniment): 300g of seasonal wild mushrooms 1/2dl of olive oil 1 spoon of aromatic herbs (chives, oregano, tarragon)

  • 作り方

    Heat half the oil in a frying pan. Sauté the peeled, chopped shallots for a few minutes. Add the red wine, bring to the boil, lower the heat and continue cooking until the wine has reduced by half and the shallots are tender. Chop the wild mushrooms and sauté them with a spoon of oil, season. Rub the medallions of sirloin with the remaining oil and put them in a frying pan over a strong heat for 3 minutes on each side. Season when they are cooked. Serve the meat with the mushrooms, put the aromatic herbs on top and the wine sauce separately.

  • 盛り付け

    It can be served with crispy French fried potatoes.

カテゴリー:Second course

調理時間:Less than 30 minutes