Different traditional dishes and products from the region of Murcia

Tasty, rich and varied. What to eat in the region of Murcia.

Region of Murcia

They say there's no love so true as the love of food. So, if you're a lover of good food, welcome to Murcia.Also known as Europe's Orchard, this region's location and climate mean that Mediterranean cuisine to be experienced here in all its glory: vegetables, pulses, meat, fish, desserts... read on to discover some of Murcia's best traditional recipes.

  • Marinera


    A must. If you leave Murcia without having tried its traditional Marinera, you'll have a reason to go back. A tapa dish that combines the best from the sea with the freshest products from the land. Imagine a little potato salad (vegetables, tuna, potatoes and mayonnaise) with an anchovy on top. On the bottom, a crunchy doughnut, so as well as enjoying its flavour, you can have the fun of trying to stop it all falling apart!

  • Zarangollo


    This recipe is so popular that, while the fundamentals remain the same, each household ends up making it slightly differently. It consists of scrambled egg cooked with different locally grown vegetables, normally courgettes and onions. Aubergines or potatoes can also be added. Don't forget the bread to finish savouring this traditional dish. 

  • Ensalada murciana

    Ensalada murciana

    If you're one of those people who, when they go out to eat, never orders a salad because "you can make that at home", you have to try this Murcian salad and let it change your mind. As often characterises the gastronomy of this region, the sea and mountains come together in a healthy, refreshing dish. This salad, which is also known as moje or mojete, is made with tomatoes, onions, Cieza olives, boiled eggs and tuna.

  • Michirones


    This dish is a stew, but it's often ordered as a small tapa dish as it is extremely filling. Its main ingredient is broad beans, but the flavour is provided by chorizo, bacon, pancetta and ham bone. All this, plus its seasoning of bay leaves, garlic and salt, will ensure you'll never forget the name nor the taste of this exquisite dish. 

  • Baked octopus

    Baked octopus

    You can't miss out on one final starter. Octopus, the juice from a couple of lemons, salt and water. When you try it, you'll wonder how such a simple dish can be so delicious. The octopus is firstly boiled and then baked in the oven with the other ingredients. Dry white wine, beer, brandy and bay leaves can also be added. Tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside, this octopus is just as good as its Galician cousin. 

  • Pastel de carne

    Pastel de carne

    Who said that tradition can't be tasted? This recipe, so typical of the region of Murcia, is enjoyable right up to the final crumb of pastry. Of Arabic origin, it consists of a pie with a pastry base, filled with a mixture that will make your mouth water: veal, chorizo, pancetta, ham, eggs, peppers and spices. Give it a try! 

  • Mar Menor rice

    Mar Menor rice

    This delicious rice in broth from this region has its origins in the food fishermen would prepare aboard their boats. It features rice, spicy red peppers, rock fish and the whitebait caught that day.It's normally served with the rice on one side and the fish on the other. If you add a little alioli sauce you'll enjoy it even more.

  • Rice and costillejas

    Rice and costillejas

    Cooked in the style of a Valencian paella, this recipe is made with rice and seasonal vegetables. As a result, this dish always tastes a little different. And the costillejas? They're the part of the pig found between the loin and sirloin. Combined with rice and vegetables, they create an authentic Murcian delicacy. 

  • Roast lamb leg

    Roast lamb leg

    This is a must-try, especially if you visit the interior part of the region. The main ingredients are of the highest quality, as both the lamb (segureño) and the other ingredients (potatoes, tomatoes and onions) are usually from the Murcian region. This is a dish that tastes even better when accompanied by red wine, bread and pickles.

  • Paparajotes


    And don't miss out on dessert. This recipe is as simple as it is tasty and original. Of Arabic origin, it was what was usually eaten in the households of Murcian farmers. Nowadays, it's an emblem of this region's confectionery. A paparajote is a leaf from a lemon tree coated in a dough made from flour and eggs, which is then fried and dusted with a fine layer of sugar and cinnamon. The main thing you need to know is that while the lemon tree leaf adds a lot of flavour to this dessert, you don't eat it!Enjoy each and every mouthful and recipe from Murcian gastronomy, because you're really going to fall in love with them.

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