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View of Plaza del Castillo square in Pamplona, Navarre

A stroll through the heart of Pamplona


There are certain places that just beg to be explored at your own pace, and the old quarter of Pamplona is one of them. Lose yourself in the streets of this historical district and discover the most important monuments of the capital of Navarre. Located on a plateau in the city centre, this is a medieval quarter made up of narrow streets that ooze charm. Take note, and discover everything you won’t want to miss in this part of the city of Pamplona.

  • View from the music kiosk on Plaza del Castillo square in Pamplona, Navarre

    Plaza del Castillo square

    You’ll find this emblematic square in the south of the old quarter. Also known as the ‘living room’ by locals, it’s considered the heart of the city and the centre of Pamplona’s social life for locals. Pay a visit, and take a seat on one of the many terraces to enjoy a frito pamplonica: a typical dish in the cuisine of Navarre, and one that you’re sure to love.

  • Detail of the shops and bars on Calle Estafeta in Pamplona, Navarre

    Calle Estafeta

    Very near the Plaza del Castillo square, you’ll discover the famous Calle Estafeta street. The name might ring a bell, as this is one of the key places used for the bull run during the festival of San Fermín. This narrow street is lined with shops and bars that are very typical of the city. Come and visit on a Thursday to enjoy the juevintxo: this is when many of the city’s bars offer a tapa and a drink (wine or a zurito of beer) for just two euros. A great night and the joy of good food, guaranteed.

  • Exterior view of Pamplona City Hall, Navarre

    City Hall

    Whenever you travel to a new city, admiring the impressive façade of its City Hall is a must. That of Pamplona was originally constructed in 1423, although the building you see today was rebuilt in 1951. This site has a special place in the hearts of the city’s inhabitants, as this is where the rocket that kicks off the San Fermín celebrations (el Chupinazo) is fired each year on 6 July.

  • Tourists inside Pamplona Bullring, Navarre


    If you continue on your stroll around the old quarter, you’ll come across Pamplona’s bullring, inaugurated on 7 July 1922. It’s the third largest bullring in the world, behind only those of Madrid and Mexico City, and holds around 20,000 spectators. Every year, the San Fermín bullfights are held here – and it also serves as the endpoint of the bull runs held each morning throughout the festivities.

  • General view of the Cathedral of Santa María la Real in Pamplona, Navarre

    Pamplona Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Santa María la Real can also be found in the city’s old quarter. Gothic in style and with a neo-classical façade, this is the best preserved cathedral in Europe, as it has retained such unique features as the choir stalls, the refectory, the chapter house and the dormitory. Each of the spaces within this cathedral were built in different periods, transforming your visit into an extraordinary journey through history. If you’re planning a two-day urban getaway around the capital of Navarre, a visit to the cathedral is an absolute must!

  • Aerial view of Pamplona

    The city walls and the Pamplona Citadel

    If you’re looking to visit medieval Spain, you won’t want to miss Pamplona’s city walls and the old renaissance fortress of the Citadel. Don't hesitate to take a walk, admiring its route of more than five kilometres: You will love the surroundings and even start to think you are in a different era!These are just some of the great sites tucked away in Pamplona’s old quarter. Without a doubt, this area is a great place for anyone who loves urban breaks in cities steeped in history. So, are you ready for a visit to the heart of the capital of Navarre?