View of the Plaza del Castillo square in Pamplona, Navarre

A stroll through the heart of Pamplona


Some places ask for a relaxed visit, and the old town of Pamplona is one of them. Explore the streets of this historic neighbourhood and discover the most important monuments of the capital of Navarre. Located in the city centre on a plateau, it is a medieval quarter with charming, narrow streets. Here is everything you must see when you visit this area of the city of Pamplona.

  • View from the bandstand of the Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona, Navarre

    Plaza del Castillo square

    Iconic square in the south of the old town. Also known as the “living room” of the Pamplonicans, it is considered the heart of the city and the centre of social life for the locals. Go there and sit on one of its numerous terraces to enjoy a fried “pamplonica”: a typical delicacy of the Navarre cuisine that you will love.

  • Detail of shops and bars on calle Estafeta in Pamplona, Navarre

    Calle Estafeta

    Very close to the Plaza del Castillo, you will discover the famous calle Estafeta. It may sound familiar since it is one of main locations for the running of the bulls during the festivities of San Fermín. This narrow street boasts many shops and bars, a typical sight in the city. Visit it on a Thursday and you can enjoy the “juevintxo”: many bars in the city offer a pincho and drink (wine or zurito) for two euros. Fun and good food are guaranteed.

  • Outside view of the City Hall of Pamplona, Navarre

    City Hall

    When you travel to a city, seeing the facade of the City Hall is a must. Pamplona's dates back to the year 1423, although the current building was rebuilt in 1951. This location is cherished by all Pamplonicans, since it is the stage where the Chupinazo is launched every 6 July to announce the start of San Fermín.

  • Tourists inside the bullring in Pamplona, Navarre


    Keep strolling through the old town and you will come to the Pamplona bullring, inaugurated on 7 July 1922. It is the second largest bullring in Spain (after the bullring in Madrid) and it can sit approximately 20,000 spectators. Every year it hosts the bullfights of San Fermín and also marks the end of the running of the bulls held every morning.

  • General view of the cathedral of Santa María la Real in Pamplona, Navarre

    Cathedral of Pamplona

    The Cathedral of Santa María la Real is also part of the old town. Gothic in style and with a neoclassical façade, it is the most complete, preserved cathedral in Spain, as it maintains unique rooms such as the stalls, the refectory, the chapter house and the bedroom. Each room was built at a different time, so visiting this place is an extraordinary historical journey. If you are planning a two-day urban route through Navarre's capital, its cathedral must be on your itinerary!

  • Aerial view of the walls and the citadel of Pamplona, Navarre

    The walls and the citadel of Pamplona

    If you wish to visit medieval areas of Spain, make sure of explore the walls of Pamplona and the Renaissance fortification of its citadel. Do not hesitate to take a walk and admire its more than five kilometres: you will love the atmosphere and feel like you travelled back in time!These are just some of the hidden gems in the old town of Pamplona. Undoubtedly, a unique destination for those who love city plans steeped in history. Fancy visiting the heart of the capital of Navarre?