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Views of Carmona from the Asomada del Ribero viewpoint.

Viewpoints in Cantabria for enjoying some truly spectacular views


The lush green scenery of Cantabria is a feast for the eyes, particularly when you’re observing it from one of the many viewpoints. Infinite landscapes where the colours of the woods, the sky and the sea all come together to leave you awestruck. Discover the stunning beauty of Cantabria.

  • Mirador del Cable in Liébana valley, Picos de Europa, Camaleño

    Mirador del Cable

    The cable car takes you up to 750 metres in just a few minutes. When you get off, you’ll find that you’re right in the middle of the Picos de Europa, with views of the pristine landscape of the Liébana valley spread out below.

  • Views from the Mirador de Santa Catalina, Picos de Europa

    Mirador de Santa Catalina

    Located in the Hermida gorge, this is another one that’s not to be missed. Here you can take in more of the incredible views offered by the high peaks of the Picos de Europa, but you’ll also see the Hermida gorge, one of the highest in Spain. If you look up you might be lucky enough to spot some birds of prey, such as the bearded vulture.

  • Mirador de Asón viewpoint in Collados del Asón Natural Park, La Gándara de Soba

    Mirador del nacimiento del Asón

    Located in the heart of the Soba valley in the Collados del Asón Natural Park, when you look out from this viewpoint you’ll see how a waterfall cuts through the rock. This is the source of the Asón river. If you fancy a walk, why not try the seven and a half kilometre route from the village of the same name, Asón, that takes you even closer to the waterfall.

  • View from the Jardines de Piquío viewpoint, Santander

    Mirador Jardines de Piquío

    In the city of Santander, lovely gardens separate the first and second Sardinero beaches. The very tip of these gardens sits almost in the sea itself, and there’s a viewpoint from where you can admire a large part of the Santander coast, as well as the horizon where sea and sky meet.

  • Tourists admiring the views from the Cascadas del Gándara viewpoint

    Mirador de las Cascadas del Gándara

    A viewpoint that seems to float in the air - definitely worth checking out. Looking down, you’ll see that you’re standing on a metal grid, and this is what gives you the sensation of floating over a beautiful landscape. The view is dominated by the green of the vegetation, which is interrupted by a waterfall of smooth stones over which the waters of the Gándara river tumble.

  • View from the Punta del Dichoso viewpoint, Suances

    Mirador de la Punta del Dichoso

    Near the Suances lighthouse you’ll find this lovely viewpoint on a spit of land over the sea. It’s one of the most spectacular on the entire coast. From here, right by the water, you can even see the Picos de Europa as well as enjoying fabulous views of Isla de Conejos, Los Locos beach and the San Martín estuary.

  • Views of the Cantabrian Sea from the Tina Menor viewpoint, Pechón

    Mirador de Tina Menor

    You’ll find this viewpoint very close to the town of San Vicente de la Barquera, in the turquoise waters just at the point where Cantabria borders with Asturias, and it’s a perfect spot for admiring the Cantabrian Sea. Here there’s a statue of a fisherman to keep you company while you take in the spectacular views. If you walk on a bit further, leaving the monument behind, you’ll come to a second viewpoint with even more spectacular views.

Cantabria has one of those landscapes that’s pure magic, so it’s no wonder there are so many viewpoints where you can take a break to admire the views. These are just a few of the viewpoints you can check out here. Why not come and discover them, you won’t regret it.

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