A tourist by the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona

8 ideas for a return trip to Spain


Spain has thousands of possibilities, and every time you visit you can discover something new. We suggest 8 very up-to-date ideas for discovering the latest trends in Spain or visiting new and interesting places. Which will you choose?

  • Roque Salmor, Frontera (El Hierro)

    An island of renewable energy

    El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, is the first island to be completely self-sufficient in renewable energy. Its volcanic landscape, its temperate climate and the amazing landscapes which have earned it Biosphere Reserve status make El Hierro an attractive destination.

  • San Antón Market, Madrid

    Gourmet markets

    They are the latest fashion in Spain and make an unusual, fun place to eat. Gourmet markets with restaurants and food stands where you can try local recipes, international cuisines, and creative cooking. And a lot of them are part of traditional food markets.

  • Performance of The House of Bernarda Alba in Las Naves del Español, Matadero, Madrid.

    Alternative culture circuits

    The streets of Madrid and Barcelona are bursting with culture. Discover their spaces for contemporary culture, their street art, their liveliest cultural centres and their most avant-garde initiatives, off the tourist track.

  • Pompidou Centre, Malaga

    Malaga is in fashion

    The Pompidou Centre chose it for its Spanish branch. So did the St Petersburg Russian Museum. Malaga is now an art hub with other important museums including the Picasso and the Carmen Thyssen. The city is in fashion, it has sea and sand, a lively centre, and direct high-speed trains from Madrid which take just two hours and 20 minutes.

  • Crossing the Rubicon by Jason deCaires Taylor. Lanzarote Atlantic Museum

    A museum under the sea

    Forget what you think you know about museums, because this one is different. Under 12 metres of water in the Atlantic ocean, this is Lanzarote’s Atlantic Museum. It’s the first underwater art installation in Europe, and to visit you must have a diving certificate (you can get one by taking a basic one-day course there on the island of Lanzarote).

  • Botín Centre, Santander

    A balcony over the sea surrounded by contemporary art

    A new centre for music, theatre, film and contemporary art has opened in Santander (Cantabria). The building was designed by the Pritzker prize-winning Renzo Piano, and its location on Santander’s seafront makes it even more attractive. This is the new Botín Centre, and its views over the Cantabrian Sea are spectacular.

  • La Salve bridge and Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

    An art district… in Bilbao

    Nowhere else can you see buildings by four Pritzker prize-winning architects in less than one kilometre: a symbol of contemporary art like the Guggenheim Museum, and sculptures by great artists such as Bourgeois, Koons and Dalí. Bilbao also offers the interesting Museum of Fine Arts and the modern Azkuna Zentroa.

  • Wine City, Elciego, Álava.

    Fine wine… and design

    Architecture and wine are perfectly paired in Spain’s avant-garde wineries. We suggest finding out for yourself in Wine City (by Frank Gehry) in Elciego (Álava), Bodegas Ysios (by Santiago Calatrava, in Laguardia, Álava) or Bodegas Julián Chivite (by Rafael Moneo, in Estella, Navarre), among others.