Surfer practising on the Cullera beach in Valencia

The best spots to enjoy surfing in Valencia


In Spain, the Valencian coast welcomes multitudes of tourists who know how to enjoy the attractive Mediterranean lifestyle of late nights and long coastlines dotted with colourful beach bars. However, it is also home to hidden spots that are particularly appreciated by surfers, who come to visit practically all year long in search of the best waves in the Mediterranean. Want to discover some of the best surfing beaches in Valencia?

  • Aerial view of La Patacona beach in Valencia

    La Patacona and the beaches of Port Saplaya, just a hop and a skip from the city.

    The beaches around the small town of Alboraya are popular with surfers. One the reasons for this could be that it’s very close to the provincial capital, making it perfect for anyone looking to escape to its beaches for a little while during the week, or to go surfing without having to travel too far.Its most famous beach is La Patacona. This is an urban beach where we recommend surfing in wintertime, when there is an offshore wind (blowing towards the sea). More surfers come to visit every year, and it’s very common to come across beginners at the surf schools alongside those practising water sports such as paddle boarding or windsurfing. Whichever activity you choose, be sure to take care with the currents at this beach.After a long day of sport, you may want to refresh yourself with a glass of the traditional Alboraya horchata at one of the bars and restaurants that line the La Patacona seafront.The North and South beaches are regular haunts for fishermen and surf-school students alike. Here, you can find facilities such as showers or surfing equipment available for hire. There are also some beaches with varied waves that offer the chance to experience a more tranquil atmosphere (in other words, without bars) in the residential area of Port Saplaya, or “Little Venice” as it is also known.

  • You can also surf off El Saler beach in La Albufera Natural Park

    La Albufera Natural Park is home to beaches that provide a contrast to the area’s wild vegetation. Some of the best known are Devesa, el Saler, la Garrofera and Arbre de Gos. But one of the best might just be El Saler beach. This is a quiet beach with clear water and few visitors, making it ideal for those looking to flee the bustling atmosphere typical of some other beaches. It is, however, very popular with various species of birds, as a stopover on their migration route. So you have the chance to lie back and relax as you watch them making their way across the sky.

  • Surfer contemplating the waves from the shore

    Las Arenas: surfing in the Valencian capital

    Las Arenas is a very wide beach, home to a host of bars and located right in the city of Valencia. These three features make it a very attractive leisure spot for a large number of tourists, particularly during the warmer months of the year. And although you can surf at any time of the year, autumn and winter are the most highly recommended seasons. Some of the reasons that make this a great area to surf include the fact that there is a breakwater and that it has a broad, sandy seabed, as well as a undertow that will effortlessly lift you to the crest of the waves. However, you should also be very careful with the rocks scattered throughout certain parts of the area.

  • Marenyet beach: surfing at the mouth of the Júcar river

    Marenyet beach can be found in Cullera, a small Valencian fishing village on the estuary of the Júcar river. It’s popular with experienced surfers looking for an uncrowded beach. This is a beach with smooth sand and low waves that tend to break towards the right. We recommend avoiding the rocky areas, and surfing during the autumn and winter (although you can go at any time of year). What’s more, it’s said that the Cullera beach offers twice as many surfing days as Valencia’s other sandy beaches.And if all that sport leaves you feeling a bit peckish, you may want to drop into one of the bars to try some of Cullera’s delicious cuisine.

  • Children on El Perelló beach in Cullera in Valencia

    El Chivas, a popular spot on Perelló beach

    Heading north from Cullera you can continue your journey along the Perelló beach, located in the village of Sueca. Here, you’ll find a place known as El Chivas. The trek is well worth it, as there’s a sandy seabed where you can surf all year round. A piece of advice: it’s best to go in winter, as that’s when you can really get the most out of everything it has to offer.And if that’s not enough surf for you, there are plenty more great surfing spots in Valencia! You could always drop by the port of Sagunto, or the beaches at Oliva, Dosel and Ahuir - Valencia will welcome you with a friendly ‘shaka’ (a greeting among surfers)! 

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