Hiker in Aínsa, Aragón

Discover the Aragonese Pyrenees – without the snow


Some of the highest mountains in Europe are to be found here, with more than 180 reaching over 3,000 metres and creating a series of stunning landscapes that’ll take your breath away. And among the peaks and valleys you’ll find a multitude of beautiful spots, from pretty little villages to massive fortresses, and even a ghost train station. Ready to go?

  • Aerial view of the city of Jaca, Aragón


    Also known as the pearl of the Pyrenees, the capital of the Jacetania region is one of those places that’s not to be missed. A place with an extremely important historic and artistic legacy, with constructions such as the Castle of San Pedro, also known as the Ciudadela de Jaca, a building that’s unique both in Spain and in Europe, and its cathedral, dedicated to St Peter and one of the most important Romanesque monuments in the country. A perfect town for losing yourself in its streets and gradually discovering its secrets.

  • Canfranc International Railway Station, Aragón

    Canfranc International Railway Station

    Inaugurated in 1928, this station connected Spain and France and was once one of Europe's key rail hubs. Today, the trains no longer run, but the station has been maintained as a Property of Cultural Interest due to its palatial French architecture and spectacular appearance. You’ll be able to enjoy a guided visit to the interior, or if you fancy finding out what it’s like to arrive by rail, take the Canfranero, the only train that reaches the station from Zaragoza.

  • Hikers in the Ordesa y el Monte Perdido National Park, Aragón

    El Cañón de Ordesa

    In the Ordesa y el Monte Perdido Natural Park the scenery is more than spectacular, with deep valleys, high peaks and thick forests, where you’ll find some of the most beautiful natural spaces in the whole of Spain. Like the incredible Ordesa Canyon, unique in Europe, where you can enjoy breath-taking views, with towering cliffs, full of exuberant nature that in some places creates giant waterfalls. A spectacular landscape that you’ll love.

  • Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, Aragón

    San Juan de la Peña

    In the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the Protected Landscape of San Juan de la Peña y Monte Oroel, you'll find the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, one of the most beautiful in Spain thanks to its privileged location just underneath a massive rock. There you'll discover a beautiful cloister with detailed capitals, and a royal pantheon where some of the most important kings of the Kingdom of Aragón are buried.

  • Castle of Loarre, Aragón

    Loarre Castle

    About half an hour's drive from Huesca, you'll discover an imposing 11th century fortress that’s survived the passage of time, becoming one of the best preserved Romanesque-style fortresses in the whole of Europe. Walls, towers, turrets, and the fortress itself are still firmly in place at this strategic point in the Pyrenees, so stroll around and take a trip back in time.

  • Roques de la Vila, Aragón

    Roques de la Vila

    A rock formation that’s also known as “The Great Wall of Finestres”, because of its striking similarity to the Great Wall of China. But this wall is not a man-made construction, it’s a completely natural phenomenon that’s the product of a capricious and spectacular geological whim. In olden days it was used as a protective wall by the inhabitants of the region, and at its highest point you’ll find the remains of the Castle of Finestres and the Hermitage of Sant Vicenç.

These are just some of the places not to be missed in the Aragonese Pyrenees, places that are incredible - even with no snow! So come and discover them!