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Cream filled 'canutillos'

Autonomous Community of Navarre

Autonomous Community of Navarre
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: 1/2 l of milk 4 egg yolks 40 gm of cornflour 125 gm of sugar

  • Preparation

    For the 'canutillos', knead together all the ingredients, except the sugar, until you obtain an even mixture. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and make sheets of the size you want the 'canutillos', roll them into tubes and fry in abundant oil until they are crunchy. Next, separate the tubes and cover in sugar. For the cream, mix the milk, cornflour and egg yolks with the vanilla. Slowly heat the sugar until obtaining a slightly thick cream. Lastly, fill the 'canutillos' with the cream.

  • Presentation

    You can serve them on clear custard.

Category: Desserts

Cooking time: Between 1 and 2 hours

Price: Low

Season: Autumn-Winter

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